Monday, 4 April 2011

Pelancong Kanada Telah Menjadi Saksi Lambang Misteri

Hari ni aku terima satu lagi e-mel dari salah seorang pembaca blog ku ini, iaitu Pat Jennings. Beliau adalah salah seorang pelancong di KL dari Kanada. Berikut adalah e-mel beliau yg aku terima..

"Hi Kaki Misteri,

My name is Pat Jennings. My wife Sue and myself recently flew down to Malaysia for our yearly holiday in South East Asia. We have been to Malaysia before, as well as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. This year we decided to come back to Malaysia because we like it here and we have always felt as though we are at home here in Malaysia.
After holidaying on the beautiful island of Perhentian kecil, off the coast of the east coast state of Terengganu in Peninsular Malaysia for five days, Sue and myself happily made our way back to the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur for a few free and easy days before heading back to Vancouver, Canada.
The first day back in Kuala Lumpur we pretty much did not do anything because we were tired from holidaying, snorkelling, diving, swimming, sun-bathing, eating and drinking, basically living the enjoyable, laid-back island holiday life. On the second day in Kuala Lumpur, Sue and myself decided to take a stroll in the heart of the city and just lap up the sights and sounds that we see and hear around us. Sue had the digital camcorder while I took on the role of holiday photographer and had the camera around my neck.

After about two and a half hours of walking around the Bukit Bintang and Pavilion area, we made our way to Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). As we were walking along the road which takes us past Kuala Lumpur’s hotbed for nightlife and entertainment, the road where Beach Club and Thai Club is, we came to a traffic light junction and we were about to cross the road to get to the other side like the chicken in the commonly heard of joke.

Sue was recording the sights with the digital camcorder when she told me to look at the traffic lights as there was something peculiar with the traffic lights which caught her ever sharp and alert eye. I looked and the traffic lights and did not notice anything out of the ordinary. “The red light does look brighter than usual if that is what is different”, I quipped. Sue looked at me, giving me a puzzled look, while saying, “look at the red light, look into the red light my dear”.
When I looked at the traffic light again, this time with more inquisitive eyes, I noticed something, some kind of shape which was on the red light of the traffic light. The green and yellow lights of the traffic lights did not have this shape on it. Only the red light had this weird shape which looked like a symbol, some sort of symbol or rather. Most of the people around us did not notice this symbol on the red light of the traffic lights because they seemed busy and preoccupied with what they were doing. Us being tourists were naturally more observant and alert to our surroundings that the others around us.
I did not have to tell or remind Sue to record the strange symbol on the red traffic light as she was smart enough to do so without being told, that’s my dear Sue! So now here I am posting up the video Sue took of that weird symbol or rather that was on the red light of the traffic light. I spoke to some locals about what we saw and some of them told us that it could be an advertising gimmick. I beg to differ, advertising gimmicks have tag-lines and catch-phrases, this weird looking symbol did not have any accompanying words, it was just a symbol, an interestingly weird and peculiar symbol which caught both Sue’s and my eye.

So we saw your blog on Google and thought you'd want to see this video as well. Let us know when you have found the answer. 

Aku telah uploadkan ke Youtube akaun ku.
Berikut adalah video tersebut yang telah dihantar oleh Pat.

P/S: Thanks Pat for the email and video. We shall meet in KL soon!


  1. I was watching 8tv just right before this and I saw that symbol for about 10 seconds between the advertisements!

  2. i saw it too just now

  3. i saw that ads many times on tv3, still blurred about what message that symbol brings.

  4. Interesting isn't it? I'm still wondering what it's all about too!

  5. Great advertisment..
    makes people wonder whay it is.. ^^

  6. I saw this symbol all around SS2 on Monday, 4th April. I also seen in on Astro a couple of times. I did my research and ended up in this blog. I believe it is not an ads, but something more major.

  7. i saw this symbol in 8tv so far....i think i know what it is all about...

  8. celcom colony! its their ad strategy for their new product.. epic! lol..

  9. I saw it also last nite in 8TV..a few seconds..that make me speechless..somebody pls tell me what the hell is that??

  10. hmm tapi kalo u all nak tau.. lambang nih seperti telah dicetak dan ditampal byk ditiang2 lampu, tong sampah dan safety block for construction di jalan pinang dan jalan kia peng dan sekitarnya... nnt i take photos and i email kat u okie..